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Place the right leaders in your organisation and business success follows. Finding and attracting those candidates is how Perceptive Talent Solutions gives businesses the edge.

Executive Search Solutions

It takes competent leaders to drive business performance, and it takes the right leaders for your organisation to guarantee it.

Perceptive places high calibre executive candidates in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Our unique approach ensures an affinity between culture and character, while our years of experience ensure you benefit from our expertise, insight and judgement.

We are proud to have near two decades of experience appointing Board members, directors, c-suite executives and general managers.



We consider the challenges of attraction, the motivations of target candidates and the most appropriate assessment methodology.



We design a defensible and thorough attraction and selection process to ensure the right hiring decisions are made.



The end result: we engage the best people in the market who will drive your business objectives and espouse your core values.


we know what works

Identifying, engaging, assessing and recruiting executive level talent is our speciality. Our unique approach measures cultural fit, competencies, motivations and goals to ensure outcome-oriented results.

Why Choose Us

Insightful Approach

Market insight into factors such as attraction, motivations, values and competencies drive outcome-based recruitment decisions.

Leadership Culture

Organisational culture is driven by leaders, so placing the right leaders is paramount. We understand the complexity of finding the right fit.

Strong Connections

Deep networks and connections in the candidate market complement our best-practice attraction and selection strategies.

Trusted Reputation

Our proven experience includes the appointment of Board members, directors, c-suite executives, and general management including individuals and teams.

Integrity and Flexibility

Confidential execution of best-practice executive search framework maximises outcomes. While our agile approach enables us to move with changing market conditions.

Custom Consulting

Bespoke recruitment campaigns that are inline with your business goals drive performance. Campaigns are also designed to serve your current or aspirational culture.


"Perceptive are our first call to crystalise and articulate exactly what we are looking for, the opportunity set and the right remuneration for the right resource. Matt and the Team meet the brief and find candidates, for both executive and specialist roles that have performed in our business."

– Murray Rutherford, CEO & CIO, AMIST Super


“Since partnering with Perceptive, Matt's become like a member of our team. He knows our business inside out and has a knack for finding the people we really need."

Valued Client.

“Having gone through the recruitment process with Perceptive, we have a new level of understanding of our organisation: who we are, what we stand for and who we need. The Perceptive process helped us to become a lot more strategic in our recruitment and has really bolstered our team.”

Valued Client.



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